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Now it's time to COOK!!

If you're one of the millions of budding cooks around the world who would like to make your own Ethiopian food, then a cooking class is for you. Learn directly from the local cooks who will teach you about the flavors, ingredients and techniques in cooking Ethiopian food. You'll get to taste the food as you go. And finally, at the end of your class, you'll get an certificate to take home with you.

These tours through the national Kitchen provide you with the opportunity to explore some of the most delicious dish of Ethiopia while teaching you to make delicious foods.  Our cooking lessons give you the chance to experience your vacation to the fullest extent possible and introduce you to some of the finest dining imaginable which always include the meal you cook after the lesson.

Cooking tours offer an incomparable opportunity to experience vacationing and cooking to their fullest extent. At our Kitchen, tours are more than just your typical vacation.

Our chefs have prepared a cooking class of traditional Ethiopian dishes. They will demonstrate how to prepare , and then it's your turn-you prepare your own tasty Ethiopian food !!  Followed by traditional coffee ceremony!!

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  • Package Duration: Half Day

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