The Finding of the True Cross – Meskel

Program : Meskel (The finding of the true cross)

Code: LTT022

Duration: 7 days and 6 night

Transport: air

Day 01 (Sep 26) Addis Ababa   (Meskal Day Procession)

Arrival of Addis Ababa and transfer to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time make sightseeing in Addis, Starting around 3:30 P.M you will attend the colorful processions of the eve of Meskel procession Overnight stay Hotel

Day 02: (Sep 27) Fly from Addis Ababa to Axum.

Full day visit historic sites it was once the capital of the Ethiopian kings and the oldest ancient civilization in the world and represented a connecting-point b/n Africa and Asia for almost a thousand year. Some of the archaeological sites can give you an idea of the former high standard of civilization. Visit the famous steles, see the churches of St. Mary of Zion, which contain the crowns of Ethiopian kings and other treasures and the tomb of king Kaleb. Overnight stay Hotel

Day 03: (Sep 28) Fly To Lalibela

Early in the morning fly to Lalibela and transfer to the hotel. After short break excursion to visit the first group of the magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela which are carved out of living volcanic tuff wit super architectural skill that the world has never seen, yet elsewhere. UNESCO registers these churches as world heritage. Among churches of this group Bete Medahine Alem (house of the redeemer) is the largest with 5 aisles, 72 pillars, vaulted dome and moulding decoration. Bete Mariam (house of St. Marry) is the most decorated among the rock hewn churches. Overnight stay Hotel

Day 04: (Sep 28 ) More Excursions in Lalibela

In the morning excursion to Yemerhane Kirstos cave church outside of Lalibela through beautiful mountainous land scape of last region. Back to the hotel for lunch. After noon. Visit the second group of the rock-hewn churches; Bete Emanuel (house of Emanuel) is architecturally the finest. Bete Giorgis (the house of George) is the finest of all the churches in Lalibela for which reason art historians conclude that this church is carved at the end of the cluster. Overnight stay Hotel

Day 05: (Sep 29) Fly from Lalibela to Gonder

sightseeing of the Gonder after break you will explore the royal enclosure which contains several stone-built castles of different emperors. The most impressive building is Fasilidas castle He was the emperor who established Gonder as a powerful cultural and religious center at 16th century. Overnight stay in Gonder

Day 06: ( Sep 30) Drive from Gonder to Bahir Dar

Early in the morning after breakfast proceed driving to Bahir Dar You will have also a half-day boat trip over Lake Tana to Ura Kidane Mehret monastery where you visit the religious wall paintings, parchment books, crosses, crowns and robes of different kings and other religious artefacts. Overnight Hotel.

Day 07: ( Jan. 21 ) Excursion to Blue Nile fall and Fly back to Addis Ababa  

In early the morning you will drive 35km from Bahr Dar and half hour trekking you will to see the fascinating gorge of blue Nile falls then fly back to Addis Ababa. Have a farewell dinner at one of the best traditional restaurants of Addis where you can taste the variety of Ethiopian meals, and see the folkloric dances of the Ethiopians. Then, be transferred to the airport for your departure. End Tour